Friday, October 20, 2017

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cash Money is Yours Now!

It would be fun if we had no financial problems. Every thing we believe is easy to get. Now there is the easiest way to put your ATM Machine in your home. You can withdraw cash whenever you want.
Master the forex technique that is easiest and very relaxing.  Of course, profit is continuously. You are guaranteed not to be head diapers to choose Buy or Sell. 

All setups are available for and select. Profit is also in your hand to determine it. Do not waste your time to learn hard techniques. Our target is profit. So if there is the easiest way of why you want to troubles yourself. Forex does not require you to be professional. What is important is your profit every time you trade. Get a very powerful setup at a very minimum cost.

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Real Way For Forex Trading

Here's the real way to get a consistent profit in forex trading: -

Step 1: Determine market direction for one month - Based on RSI

Step 2: Make sure the weekly market goes hand in hand with the monthly market - Based on RSI

Step 3: Find entry opportunities in smaller time frames - Based on RSI crossing MACD

Step 4: Entry

More information can be learned by buying Simple Forex Technique now.

Friday, September 22, 2017

An easy way to buy and sell

An easy way to buy and sell is now available. It does not have to be a headache to make an analysis that can not necessarily generate profit continuously. Simple Forex Technique can solve your problems that are often confused with price movements and do not understand multi-time frames. Do not waste your time and money. Get the simple simple forex technique setup and guarantee profit continuously. You will not regret having it.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Switch to simple and cost-effective techniques

The forex world is very attractive if you know how to handle it. Various techniques you can learn to master forex trading. But not all the techniques are easy for you to master and understand quickly.

Now available in the eye of a very simple and relaxing technique. You do not have to waste a lot of time to make market analysis every day or week before entering the market. Just 2-3 minutes you already know where the real market direction is before the entry.

Setup generated by Simple forex technique can help you to manage forex trading easily and profitably. The resulting setup is ideal for those who seek a simple, concise and guaranteed profit. Do not waste your time and money for unprofitable techniques. 

Switch to Simple Forex Technique today. Please email to for further information.

Monday, September 4, 2017

When is the right time to buy and sell?

The above questions often haunt the trader’s mind when looking at the market price movements once the MT4 platform is open. This problem occurs when a trader cannot understand the use of multi-time frames to make the right decision. Traditionally many traders are affected by price movements in small time-frame when they want to make a buy or sell decision.

Actually, the price movements in the big time-frame that start from H4, Daily, Weekly and Monthly are very strong and clear moves. Any decision made only by smaller time-frames will cause traders to be trapped by the current price movements and will usually cause them losses.

Therefore, before any decision to buy or sell is made, traders need to refer to a larger time-frame first to determine whether the major market trend for the pair is. Once it's clearly seen and along with some other big-time frames, then the decision to buy or sell is made in a smaller time-frame. This condition is very important to ensure that every entry made does not result in a high floating rate that affects the percentage of permitted margin.

Floating occurs normally due to the spread value set by the broker and plus the accuracy of entry done. If the entry is done early, then the price will then make a retracement before it returns to the actual market direction.

In conclusion, to enter buy or sell the traders need to determine the market trend first. Then the provisions for the entry need to be made at smaller time-frames to avoid floating rates that are too high during market retracement. All of these must necessarily comply with the right money management techniques and do not expect take profit value which is too high compared to the amount of capital at stake. The success of this forex trading depends largely on capital, money management and the traders' emotions.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Free your financial problems now

There is no easy way for you to free yourself from the financial shackles you are experiencing. Now with the simple forex technique everything is sure to be yours. Easy and relaxing techniques will not burden your head but it guarantees you to master forex trading quickly and profitable.

Do not assume you are weak. Immediately change to be more successful in the future. This simple forex technique will surely make you more confident in this forex trading field. Forget all past failures. Change your trading style with the help of this technique right away. 

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Benefits Of Simple Forex Technique for You

Of course you are wondering, what is the advantage of Simple Forex Technique versus other techniques available in the market. Actually, the advantage of this technique lies in establishing a solid setup to ensure that every entry we make can profit.

The combination of BBMA + RSI + MACD is not only easy to understand but it clearly shows the current direction of market direction. This battle can keep us from entering the opposite market.

The role of Bollinger bands can help us determine reasonable take profit. Meanwhile, the RSI movement monitored by MACD is able to give us a clear signal level that the market is ready to jump down or jump over.

This technique will only help us to buy at the roots or just sell it. This situation can provide us with constant profit without opposing the actual market direction. Please email to for further detail.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

An Easy Way to Increase Your Revenue

Usually we make investments in stock exchanges, fixed deposits and so on to double the existing savings. Such investments are taking a long time to show results.

Now there is one easiest and fastest way to double your money. Within a day you can double your money by over 200%. This is not a matter of course but it can be done.

What is the way you double your money so fast? The answer is forex trading. As always great big profits also risk the loss. Yes, for those who are knowledgeable, the risks are best controlled so that profits can be obtained on an ongoing basis. Whenever we ride a motorcycle to workplace instead of using a car. Of course, using motorcycles is more risky than using a car. But if we are able to control the risk of motorcycles, it certainly benefits us from gasoline, parking, payment, etc.

What is important today is the knowledge of how to run forex trading properly, easily and profitably so that we can control the trading risk in order to double our money within a short period of time. Please email to for further information.

How easy is your forex trading?

In fact there are many techniques taught to achieve success in forex trading. All of these techniques can give you profit and loss. This is because forex trading is a very mysterious branch of knowledge and it is very closely related to human emotions. What is important is how to ensure that forex trading is easy to understand and can give us profit continuously.

You are now in the right place to achieve that goal. Simple Forex Technique is generated by taking into account the common problems faced by traders in forex trading. Traditionally traders are not clear about the direction of the market either uptrend or downtrend, long-term or short-term, reversal or breakout and so on.

Now the problem has been struck and formulated with a solid setup that can help traders to enter the market more confidently and clearly. The Simple Forex Technique capability can help traders to profit continuously and avoid the problems of ongoing losses and keep them out of marginal margin calls.

If you are interested in having this technique, please email to for more information.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Profit is yours and loss is for broker

Forex is a wealthy game. If we want to succeed and profit continuously, the appropriate capital is necessary for forex trading. No need to be too big but not too small. On me the minimum capital required is $ 500 for a maximum entry of 30 cents if we find the setup that appears is solid and easy to achieve the take profit we are targeting. Otherwise, just an entry with a value of 10 cent only.

Usually the market can move in 1000 to 1500 pips a day, so our fairness to determine take profit should be reasonable. This is because if we place too high profit take, it will risk our small capital account. For $ 500 mode is safe, we aim to take profit only 100 pips.

The patience to wait for a solid setup is very challenging for traders' emotions. The turmoil will usually invade the trader if the entry made is not as indicated by the Simple Forex Technique. Every entry is compulsory only to be made or poked. This technique does not allow entry to be made apart from what has been described in the ebook.

The understanding and the sharpness of the mind when doing the entry need to be considered the best. It can only be obtained by making a constant training on demo before traders use real accounts.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What Do You Get?

Buying simple forex trading setup is a very worthwhile investment for yourself. There is no way to learn forex trading where the current market is easy to understand and can drive profits on an ongoing basis. What do you get when you have this simple forex setup ? Here are the answers: -
1) Available in front of eyes when possible BUY and when possible SELL.
2) You can see the market trend clearly whether it is uptrend or downtrend.
3) No need to worry about NEWS that struck because of the entry you created in the current market direction.
4) There is no stress and difficulty for you to look for entry opportunities as many as 27 pairs are available for and enjoy the USD on an ongoing basis.
5) No need for you to understand the name of candlestick, Fibonacci, trendline and so on.

So what else, please get the simple setup forex immediately because it was gold. Do not waste your money for someone else's help but invest it for yourself for a brighter future.

Trading like Fish Fishing

If we go fishing the vast sea. The boat we carry is very vulnerable to the risk of being beaten by the waves and swept away by strong currents. Know fishing only is not enough to ensure we successfully bring fish back home. We need to understand the weather, season and type of fish that existed at that time.

The situation is the same as forex trading. If we only have technical knowledge without taking into account current economic issues, our treding system will be exposed to the risk of floating as a result of news that can lead the market in the opposite direction for a while. At this time money management plays an important role.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Simple Technique but Biggest Profit

If you have complicated forex technique you will spent a lot of time to monitor and study your chart. The result maybe profit or loss. Now you have an option to use a simple technique and profit. Why don't you try its because you will save a lot of time for you to do other things.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Buy at Bottom

We only have 2 option either buy at bottom or sell at top. Don't do anything while price moving in between because you will be trapped. The problem is how to determine the price now at bottom or at top? That why you need to use our Simple Forex Technique to do so.

It is difficult to know whether the price is at the root or at the end. Without proper setup help we will definitely be confused and will cause losses in forex trading. The setup capability in reading market moves greatly helps us to consistently invest in profit. It indirectly gives us great confidence whenever we want to enter the market regardless of time and place.

No need to use the tough and burdensome technique just to look like a professional trader. While there is an easy technique for us to consistently profit. We need to turn to our original destination for forex. Profit is more important than everything in the forex field. Without profit forex only takes your time and money alone.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trade for Profit. Don't trade for loss

Look at the picture below. Can you do that?

The technique I provide is very easy to use. No need to stare at the chart for hours to find a solid setup. In just 5-10 minutes you will be able to identify the setup you are looking for to buy or sell. You'll be thrilled to have the power of setup that I've provided. The strength of the market is obviously we can see to make sure that the entry is made really solid.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Time To Change Your Trading Technique

Most of us suffer to do forex trading with consistent profit. Normally we are consistent loss. When we BUY market go down. When we SELL market go up. Stress to face this situation always. Now you have an option. 

Use our Simple Forex Technique will be changed your trading environment  and of course consistent profit because you will know where market want to go. Time running very fast. More people are using this technique now. Why don't you? 
It's hard for you to find a technique that can help you understand the trend and price action at any one time. Usually the setup is just a setup but it is not necessarily strong enough to enter the market.

Simple Forex technique is very different. It can help you decide accurately and is supported by an understanding of the direction of current market trends.

If you are still looking for a berftx technique, this is one of the most appropriate options for you to try. It's not only easy but it does not push you into stress in determining the current market direction. What else..try ..

Patience will benefit you

Patience and focus is our strength to control our emotion. Forex is our friend. Don't force too hard to get what we need.

Try to see how the market moves. Of course, it's hard to imagine whether it's going up or down. So with the Simple Forex technique your problems about forex will be answered.

You do not have to be good at identifying the names of candles, trend line, Fibonacci and so on. Just as you see the setup automatically it is enough for you to get the USD that is in the forex market. If you have been perfectly compatible with this technique, you have the ability to be more successful and can make you a Full Time Trade in no time.

What Do You Think?

Good quality of setup can make you smile all the day even though  your are sick. Money Management is the key of success. Powerful technique without proper Money Management will kill you soon. 

We do not have to worry about buying or selling as soon as the chart is open. Try to keep yourself calm and patient. Decisions will only be made when we see the setup clearly. If not visible, wait another hour to review the chart. Within 24 hours a day, the setup will usually be repeated by 3 to 4 times a day. If you are able to profit USD100 every time the setup appears, it means you have the ability to collect 300 to 400 USD a day. That's good enough ...

Monday, August 14, 2017

Follow Me!!!

Today is Monday 😏. 

Product Location : Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Technique Strength : Buy at Bottom & Sell at Top.
Unique of Product : Easy to Use, Clear Setup, No Stress, No Fear, Simple and Consistent Profit.
Strong Setup : Combination of Bollinger Bands, Moving Average, RSI & MACD
Accuracy of Setup : 100% Follow Market Movement and Follow Trend
Risk of Loss : Zero with Simple Forex Technique
Stop Loss : Apply for short term entry and not required for long term entry
Product Delivery: By email within 24 hours after payment received (email your payment slip).
Product to be emailed: Step by Step for BUY & SELL and BBMA+RSI+MACD Template
Product Enquiry: please email to or facebook : Jalut FX
Ebook Version: English & Malay
24hrs Trading Support via facebook messenger: Jalut FX

Which technique do you dream about in this forex trading? how many people do you find and learn from them? If you succeed, you must continue without using any other technique. But if you are still looking for a technique that can give you profit kobsistent, this is the perfect technique for you. Not only is it easy to use, relaxed and you will find that forex is really easy for you to master.