Friday, August 11, 2017

Money Machine At Home

If you think that your house doesn't produce anything so far, now let is become a place to generate money everyday.

Product Location : Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Technique Strength : Buy at Bottom & Sell at Top.
Unique of Product : Easy to Use, Clear Setup, No Stress, No Fear, Simple and Consistent Profit.
Strong Setup : Combination of Bollinger Bands, Moving Average, RSI & MACD
Accuracy of Setup : 100% Follow Market Movement and Follow Trend
Risk of Loss : Zero with Simple Forex Technique
Stop Loss : Apply for short term entry and not required for long term entry
Product Delivery: By email within 24 hours after payment received (email your payment slip).
Product to be emailed: Step by Step for BUY & SELL and BBMA+RSI+MACD Template
Product Enquiry: please email to or facebook : Jalut FX
Ebook Version: English & Malay
24hrs Trading Support via facebook messenger: Jalut FX

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Power of Forex Setup for You

Everyday you can count how much money you can get. You just focus and trade. The most important you should know where market want to go. That mean your skill and technique must tip top. Don't border what people say about market. If you see the setup don't let it go but focus, control your margin and put your reasonable take profit. Enjoy!!!

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Trade When You See Clear Setup

Easy if you understand the main forex trading concept.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Easy Money Everyday

How much money do you need from your forex trading? Of course no limit isn't it? If you put more capital then more money you will get event you close your trade for few pip only. Below is real scenario for our motivation today..enjoy your forex trading

Now the world economy seems quite unpopular. We in Asia are very impressed with what's happening. China's dominance in the world economy is very clear. America's influence seems to have come to a finish line when many countries are more comfortable dealing with China in helping to boost their country's economic stages.

What does it matter to us? Yes, we as most people who do not have millions of ringgit savings need to find a way to get money in the event of economic downturn where employment opportunities and paid salaries can not afford to sustain our daily lives. So, forex trading is one of the ways we can deal with that situation.

Learning forex trading today will not make you understand forex the next day. It requires continuous training and understanding. This process will usually make you more stressful if you are not studying with someone who can make it easier for you to give up. Outside there are many classes, seminars and so forth. If you follow them then you will be more stressed as they will teach you various titles that eventually you will feel bored, tired and lost confidence to berforex.

For me you do not have to learn all those things. What you need is how to buy and sell your entry in a proper and consistent profit. If a complete and easy SETUP is available, why would you want to score a difficult path? Take advantage of every available facility around you and shorten the forex understanding process. This way will definitely teach you about forex faster and your confidence will always increase and clear your direction in pursuing what you are looking for.

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Good Quality Setup is our Target

See what you can see

Sell at Top

The best entry when you can see the price movement. Sell at top, don't sell at bottom. How to ensure the situation? Please email to for further detail.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sell Setup

Relax and easy. No need to put your head on wall. You will have more than 20 pairs as an option for your trading within 24 hours a day. No matter what marker do, just focus your setup and entry if  everything follow your signal.

Create Profile for Your Potential Pairs

Use profile to establish more than 20 pairs in one time. Easy for you to monitor and analyze your potential pairs within 5 minutes. By this method you can manage your analysis within short time period and definitely your confident level to trade forex much more better then before. Time frame comparison for setup confirmation very fast can be done and clear. This scenario will help you to get more time to do other things.

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